PBP005. Onyx and Lava Israeli Bomb Bracelets. Each purchase helps build Bomb Shelters in Israel. Only $54 each

PBP002. Howlite and Sodalite Bracelets with Handmade Laotian Charms. 

Type your paragraph here. $50.00 each

PBP006. Onyx and Prenite Israeli Bomb Bracelets. Each purchase helps build Bomb Shelters in Israel. Only $54 each

PBP004. Carnillion and Tiger Eye Bracelets,

$50.00 each

PBP001. This 10 ml Onyx and Touramalated Quartz beaded  Buddha  necklace really make a peaceful statement while helping the Villagers in Laos. 

Priced at only $200.00

PBP003. Mixed stones( Chinese Coral, Tiger Eye, and Carnillion) with Laotian Charms.

Necklaces $200.00, Bracelets $50.00

Peace Bomb Peaces....my third collection helps turn war remnants into PEACE. It has started with Bomb pieces left in Laos from the Vietnam War. These pieces are melted into charms by the villagers and sales sustain their lives. These charms are then beautifully beaded into one of a kind necklaces and bracelets.

I am so proud to present my second PBP Product for a continuation on the same theme with our new charms coming from Israel and made from remnants of Hamas Bombs. Each sale of these new pieces will help build Bomb Shelters in Israel....spread the PEACE!